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Longevity: a magnet will always  be on view and is very resistant.

your brand: this is how you stand out from your competitors.

Instant impact: your business magnet is a mini-advertising campaign.

Color: enhance your image by keeping to company or corporate colors attracting the attention of many potentials.

Cost effective: magnets are low-cost marketing tools

Custom magnets provide the ideal low budget solution and come in many different sizes incorporating magnetic calendars, memo magnets, promotional magnets and magnetic business cards.

Shipping : 2-4 Business days


Interested in other sizes? Click HERE for our 4" x 6" UV magnet 


17PT 2"x 3.5" UV Magnets

Free Shipping
Only supports documents, images and a few others. Maximum file size: 29 MB

Download graphic design templates to help prepare your files correctly click here

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graphic design to come

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