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Design, print, and distribution! These are key in order to reach your potential Sellers and Buyers. We not only print, but we also work with you to deliver both print and online marketing such as social media posts and web design. We know how important referrals are for you and postcards, magnets, business cards banners are just a few of the elements that can get your business the exposure it deserves.

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Although, most advertising is now conducted in digital marketing, print marketing remains highly relevant for real estate agencies. Window clings, property brochures and flyers, Postcards and Sale lists are all examples of print marketing that is used on a daily basis by any realtor. 

Print Marketing has not lost its effectiveness as many potential Sellers or Buyers want to hold something in their hands before they believe it’s really a deal. Research shows that people remember what they see and touch much more than what they are told.

Here at FL Printshop we not only print, we work together with Realtors to deliver the most effective marketing strategy taking care of the design , print and distribution like EDDM or Direct Mail Services. 

These guys have not only helped me reach out new potentials sellers and buyers but also saved me so much time. FL Printshop not only takes care of the print but also my other channels like social media. Super happy with these guys.



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